Eat Play Works

Eat Play Works

New versatile coworking space opens in Hiroo


Eat Play Works is a six-floor building combining the pleasures of good food, relaxation and productive work. The first two floors house 17 restaurants in an open-bar style, making the space resemble a high-end street food market. Many are branches of popular restaurants, like Oxomoco, a Michelin-starred Mexican restaurant from Brooklyn. Whatever cuisine one’s in the mood for, whether that be Japanese, French, Vietnamese, Italian or Middle Eastern, they’ll find it. 


On the third and fourth floors is the Member’s Lounge, where plush armchairs and sofas surround sleek coffee tables. It’s a place for chats and casual work. There’s a room for meditation sessions led by expert Nirmal Raj Gyawali, as well as a quaint terrace. Everywhere, artworks and vintage furniture are aesthetically scattered around the space, creating an elegant, yet cozy feel. 


To get some proper work done, head up to one of the office rooms lined along the corridors on the top two floors. The rooms are spacious with tall windows overlooking Hiroo Station, and equipped with large tables and cushioned chairs. Each office is fitted with a unique, antique door. The third to sixth floors are available only to members. Eat Play Works’ grand opening is July 20.

Eat Play Works
5-4-16 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku