Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on October 2012

He’s playing at the Metropolis Glitterball 2012: Undead or Alive! on Oct. 25, so allow us introduce you to DJ Egyptian Lover.

Why Japan?

I’m coming to Japan to mix some vinyl unlike any DJ has ever done. I’m going to show off some old-school skills on the turntables and bring some LA history. I have only been to Japan once and I’ve been wanting to come back for many years. So if you have never seen a DJ put on a show, you’re in for a great surprise. I am even going to play a record backwards and mix it forward at the same time.

What’s your past relationship with this country?

The Roland Corporation. Mr. Nakamura, responsible for analog voice circuits, and Mr. Matsuoka, who developed the software for the Roland TR-808 drum machine. This machine changed my life and made my music productions what they are today. I’m a Roland kind of guy.

Any funny memories from playing here before?

I remember the crowd being super hyped up at Module in 2006 and they danced all night long. There was this one guy who stood out because he was taller than everyone and kept screaming out “mutha f*cka,” pumping his fist up in the air and dancing in full love of the music. I hope he’s at the party Thursday night.

What are you working on now?

I am working on my new album entitled 1984. I’m using old-school synthesizers like  the Jupiter 8, Juno 60, SH 101, my vocoder and my 808 drum machine for that true old-school sound. This is an album I always wanted to make and now 30 years later I am doing it.

What should people do who haven’t heard of you yet?

Google me! Look at all the YouTube videos, come to the party and see for yourself an amazing DJ show with all my old-school tricks on two turntables using vinyl records (no laptop).

You’re playing at the Metropolis Glitterball Halloween party 2012. Is Halloween big for you?

I’m bringing my camera because I know Japan can go all out. This party will be amazing.

What’s the scariest you’ve ever been?
Growing up in the hood in south central Los Angeles as a kid, nothing is more fearful than that! Hearing gunshots and seeing dead bodies all the time is pretty scary.

What can we expect from you at the party on Oct 25?

Expect to be thrilled by the mixing and DJ show that I put on. It’s a style I have created and have been doing for over 30 years. I used to DJ for LA’s largest dance promoters Uncle Jam’s Army and we gave dances for 10,000 people. I do this same style of mixing today with the same records. It’s a must-see performance for any DJ and fan. Or just come dance to some good beats. Enjoy some Egyptian Lover jams and let your soul feel the electricity from my music.