EN-SOF Tokyo is an audiophile’s dream. Complete with a state-of-the-art sound system, it has earned a legendary status amongst DJs and clubbers all over Tokyo and beyond. With a curated roster of major foreign and domestic DJs EN-SOF Tokyo has become the go-to venue for after-parties and high-profile events.

The space uses sound-absorbing material on the floor so visitors can enjoy conversation when loud music is being played. EN-SOF Tokyo also pays attention to the quality and the positions of the speakers so that they fit the shapes of the floor ensuring the smooth flow of sounds inside the club itself.

This is a particularly cozy club which has an intimate atmosphere larger venues fail to recreate.

en-sof tokyo halloween party

EN-SOF Tokyo will also host a Halloween Party on October 26. Details below:

Hard Sound Party (Free entrance)
Fade To Black – (Halloween Edition): 10pm-5am

Category / Genre
Hardtechno / Hardcore / Hardstyle / Techno
Terror / Speedcore / Experimental / Psy
Trap / Dubstep/ Schranz
Nintendo GameBoy Low-Bit Alternative Music etc…..


Hosted by MC MIDI War
Kanzawa Chika
RedOgre (Speedcore Italia / Live)

Collage Art Exhibition:

Kitaro Okamoto

DELITOWER B1F, 2-23-13 Dogenzaka, Shibuya
Tel: 03-5728-5349
Open: 8pm-midnight (weekdays), 9pm-5am (weekends).
Closed on Sundays and holidays (Check EN-SOF Facebook page in advance)

Private parties available for up to 50 people.