Everyone needs a constructive outlet for stress. Life as an executive in Tokyo can take its toll, but with guidance that pressure can be turned into something wonder-

ful. That’s the idea behind the Tony Evans and deVere Group Executive Fight Night (EFN).

Originally conceived of as a way to release tension, EFN has become a fundraising juggernaut for charities. And that’s part of the magic.

We’re often urged to fight for a good cause, but rarely is the imperative so literal. Those who’ve felt the generosity of EFN are certainly glad that, in this case, it is.

“We started Executive Fight Night to provide stressed-out Tokyo executives an avenue to get fit and test themselves—and to provide great entertainment,” explained Dave Thomas, who founded EFN together with Eddie Nixon and Nathan Schmid in 2012. “But we also wanted to give back to the community and tap into the generous spirit of Tokyoites. So the money that’s been raised gives us enormous satisfaction.”

Those worthwhile charities include Refugees International Japan, Shine On! Kids and Run for the Cure, a Japan-based breast cancer organization. These groups have received more than ¥17 million.

Another part of the magic is how EFN helps those who slip on the gloves. One of the pillars of the event is fitness, and those destined for the ring undergo a 12-week “Boxing Bootcamp” at Club 360.

Metropolis’ own Kaoru Nakashima took part in Executive Fight Night II in 2013. Describing his decision to step into the ring, the hard-working sales executive said, “This is the kind of experience that many people can’t have. As I had never done boxing before, doing new sports is a challenge.” While the process was indeed challenging, it was also rewarding.
“I felt like a professional fighter when I got into the ring,” he said. “And my participation supports charity. That is a good thing!”

This year, EFN will be supporting a familiar organization. “Shine On! Kids are our charity of choice again. They are Japan-based and do great work. We are very proud to support them,” said Thomas.

The big event is set for June 19. Tryouts will be held at 8am on Sunday, March 8 at Club 360. So if you want to step up for a good cause, there’s still time to take your battles from the boardroom to the ring.