Hang Out

Hang Out

A vegan bar-dining experience in Shibuya


Soy karaage at Hang Out (Photo by Momoko Mochizuki)

Shibuya’s Hang Out might be the first of its kind, offering a bar-dining experience to the herbivorous crowd that want top-notch dishes to accompany their alcohol.

Hang Out’s hemp cream pasta<br>
Hang Out’s hemp cream pasta
(Photo by Momoko Mochizuki)

The menu boasts an array of vegetarian and vegan renditions of bar and pub favorites, making playful use of soy meats to create the spicy “soy karaage”—fried “chicken”—and the zesty jerk “chicken.” There’s also the hemp cream pasta, which pairs milk derived from the herb with renkon (lotus root) and mushroom to create a savory delight. The food here is designed to pair nicely with beer—Hang Out’s choice being the organic SunSun—but also to be healthier.

The prices at this upscale lounge are on the higher end, but you get what you pay for: quality food for a quality night out.

3F Rika Bldg. II, 3-12 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku. Open Mon-Fri, 5pm-12am. Nearest station: Shibuya. Tel: 03-6455-3562. www.facebook.com/hangout.tokyo