Mar 21-Apr 20


Jupiter opposite Aries brings beginnings with relationship potential. This could be an important one with all the trimmings. At the very least, it’s bound to be fun. Whatever happened before really does exist in the past. You’re not held to any standards but your own this week. There is so much activity in your dreams they may start to seem real. Down the road they will be!


Apr 21-May 21


Events take a sideways glance and may throw you into another realm this week. What seems important is only so in your current situation. Another view refreshes you. Venus sets up camp to upgrade your status and soothe wounds as Mercury plans romance. At the moment, your solar eleventh house of friendships and groups is full. You won’t have time to wonder about the fuss.


May 22-Jun 21


Everything you touch is golden this week. (Shhh, don’t tell the other signs. They’re still trying to hold on to obstreperous planetary influence.) You’ve managed to neatly side-step the sloshy aspects of January, while getting on with what looks and feels gorgeous. Venus starts to go right side up in your career, bringing more than a promise. Someone special may try to make amends.


Jun 22-Jul 23


It takes energy to accommodate interruptions in your environment. This includes a loved one’s moods as well. That’s why Cancer the Crab needs their shell. You’re so in tune, the air around you vibrates its way into your feelings. This week Venus sizes Pluto up. You’re likely to accept that the spiritual path can be a form of comic relief this week.


Jul 24-Aug 23


Your solar eighth house is jam-packed. The South Node of the Moon, Pallas Athene, Neptune, Venus, Chiron and Mars are all camped out there. Inheritance and support from others is involved. The depth of your intuition picks up on the subtle vibrations. It may all be divine love, but it could also be smoke and mirrors. This goes double for a sexy new connection.


Aug 24-Sep 23


If you’re in a relationship, expect your partner to make about zero sense right now. The South Node of the Moon, Pallas Athene, Neptune, Venus, Chiron and Mars are all in this sector of your chart. If a loved one slides in and out of your reality, create your own. If you’re single, hone your skills. Venus gives you a luxury route to soothe and calm what was a karmic final bow.


Sep 24-Oct 23


You’re well into January— does it seem like it is flying by? Or does it feel like you’ve been stuck forever? When Librans discover Jupiter is in their sign, it’s all, “Yay!” because opportunities start to stack up. Then they start to snowball, and it’s ‘Whoa! Enough already!’ Your ruling planet makes some beautiful aspects this week. Romance, fairytales and daydreams anyone?


Oct 24-Nov 22


There’s a dance in the skies, and it involves you. Venus sextiles Pluto and then conjuncts Chiron. Early in the week your communications soar. Then creativity reaches a financial height. Nice to have something to celebrate! A path is opened – reach out and be heard by the power players. A reset occurs, after which you may want some time out. Check in with your feelings to consider.


Nov 23-Dec 22


If you’re a Sag, you’ve probably noticed it’s just one thing after another. Luckily, yours is a mutable sign, meaning you can go with the flow. It’s not as easy if your Moon or Ascendant is in a fixed sign, but you can still get through each day and successfully change gears. Property gets a financial boost to increase comfort and value. Then there’s a wounding or healing—or both.


Dec 23-Jan 20


You could hear news to lift your spirit. Pluto in your sign has taken most things apart, but in beneficial aspect to Venus, money rises on your horizon. If you have a chance to cash in early, do so. By Wednesday the starry fates move into a wounding/healing dance. Something due you pays up. It can also be a revelation about love one way or the other, so get your travel bag ready.


Jan 21-Feb 19


Although Venus makes assisting aspects in the heavens, there’s a tiny glitch. The earth and water signs are involved, so the benefits don’t fall right in your lap. The upside is you’re not directly in their path, so you can play the role of observer (and save some time for yourself)! Venus sextile Pluto could bring a windfall. Venus conjunct Chiron may spring a leak as the money flows.


Feb 20-Mar 20


You flow with an ease that lifts your spirits. The most cosmic sign of the zodiac, you know when you’re in the zone. Trust levels expand as Venus in Pisces makes a luxurious connection to Pluto. Never mind that it may be life-changing too. Then Venus conjuncts Chiron, a great time to heal that psychic wound. Be gentle to yourself, and sink into beautiful surroundings.