It’s In The Stars Weekly Horoscope 

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Horoscope May 5 – 12

March 20 – April 18


Happy Lunar Eclipse! This one is all about what’s behind the scenes. Undercurrents with group
investments and partners are the theme. In your solar eighth house, there’s a steadfast quality.
Communication is at a height with understanding amidst knowing glances. Venus travels to your home
base. You may make an investment or find something beautiful to add to your collection.

April 19 – May 19


This Lunar Eclipse has a special meaning for Taurus. It’s opposite your sign, so you may find something
hangs in the balance. In your house of long-term commitments, it creates a pause. Some find it restful to
step out of their routine. Have you just found yourself, or did you lose yourself along the way? Venus
transits to bring the gentle and beautiful into your conversations.

May 20– June 20


This Lunar Eclipse may not be tough on your chart. If you are working, be sure to take a second look as
it’s in this sector. This includes what you do to help others and routines you adhere to. An eclipse is like
taking a step back, or shaking the ties that bind. Venus transits to your money sector. She thinks highly of
you and wants you to spend more on yourself.

June 21 – July 21


This week may have a tricky step in it. Watch for disappearing shadows and depths that come up short.
The Lunar Eclipse is in your solar fifth house. This is great for adding a new approach to projects,
especially those that perk up your creative streak. Romance may not go on the back burner, but you may
want to intensify it with a quiet foundation. Venus transits to your sign.

July 22 – August 22


This Lunar Eclipse has a dash of intrigue for Leo. It’s in your solar fourth house of home base. Eclipses
have to do with taking a moment out of time. A lunar eclipse is about your feelings. While they may be
heightened, they can also be stellar. It’s more about what you value. Venus transits to your dream sector.
Still behind the scenes? Love is about to show up in a big way.

August 23 – September 21


Virgos have an uncanny ability to pick up on tiny clues. These bits of information become huge in the
scheme of things. That’s why Virgos are engineers, scientists, and nutritionists, actors and writers. You
sense what’s behind the scenes, or implied to intensify the moment. The Lunar Eclipse is in your sector of
communication. Venus transits to infuse groups with generosity.

September 22 – October 22


Librans won’t have to worry where their money is. This goes double if you’re in the mood for patience.
The Lunar Eclipse is in your solar second house of income. You know how to use timing to hedge your
bets. You may take a step back to consider with whom and where you really want to be. This dovetails
with the transit of ruler Venus. She’ll be in your sector of career.

October 23 – November 21


This could be a big week for you, though more results may sneak up in the future. This Lunar Eclipse is in
Scorpio. Traditionally it means it may affect you most of all. Halfway through your sign, it offers and
expects a lot. Dreams and prescient moments are normal for your ultra tuned-in self. Venus, goddess of
love, money and beauty, transits to invite a warm embrace.

November 22 – December 20


This Lunar Eclipse is in your solar twelfth house of dreams. It’s about others who present themselves as
shadow parts of you. Simply put, what you have kept secret from yourself is likely to show up. Whether
you deal with it directly or from within, you’ll find a matching script to mirror what’s right behind you.
Too spooky for spring? Venus transits to bring a financial gift.

December 21 – January 18


This week brings balance and a few soft landing pads. The Lunar Eclipse fits neatly into your world. It’s
not too hot and not too cold. The mystery it brings surrounding your most important friends will keep you
on your toes. You could count down the minutes to welcome its celestial effects, but it’s subtle and tiptoes
in. Venus transits to soothe a long-term commitment.

January 19 – February 17


This Lunar Eclipse creeps up slowly. You may think you can sidestep it, but be careful. It has an
unexpected power. It’s in your solar tenth house, which means it does a stop-gap blink with your career. It
also affects your reputation, so be sure to show up with your smile and most serious efforts. Venus,
goddess of love, beauty and money, offers a dip in the luxury aspects of dreams.

February 18-March 19


This week may seem to come and go, but it has a rendezvous with the Moon. This Lunar Eclipse is one to
feel your way through. It may not show all it has to offer. Enjoy your gift in the realm of instincts and
intuition. It’s in your house of spiritual insights, which could turn out to be useful. Venus, goddess of love,
beauty and money, transits to bring a romantic encounter.

Illustrations by wynettaceasarani