Home repair and renovation work can be a real pain — even more so if you’re new to a city or you’re not confident using the language. (Seriously, who knows the Japanese for “caulking” or “guttering?”) Whether you have the minor problem of a leaky faucet or major plans to embark on a total home renovation project, Houyuu Kensetsu is the bilingual company in Tokyo who can handle any and all of the jobs you’ll ever need doing around your home. 

“We like to think we serve as a ‘family doctor,’ for our customers and their homes,” says Shigenari Matsumoto — Houyuu Kensetsu’s international sales manager. Many of the company’s clients are repeat customers who appreciate the convenience of having a go-to team to call on whenever they need help with their home, instead of having to deal with the stress of tracking down different tradespeople to do each kind of work or repairs whenever the need arises. 

“Our goal is to expand our service to English-speakers who have a hard time looking for a reliable company that can take care of their various renovation needs,” Matsumoto explains.  

Interior or exterior work, roof / stair repairs, screen door / glass replacement, waterproofing / leakage repair, caulking, bathroom repairs and even intercom replacement — whatever the problem, Houyuu Kensetsu can offer a free consultation visit to assess the project and provide you with an estimated cost.

Aside from helping you achieve your perfect Tokyo house or apartment, the company also handles repair and renovation of office and business spaces — having notably worked with many embassies in Tokyo.

To learn more about how Houyuu Kensetsu can help your home or business, get in touch with their team for more information via phone (03-5498-9211/070-4380-8350 for English-speaking staff) or drop by their office that’s tucked away in the residential area of Kita-ku. 

Houyuu Kensetsu
Address: 2-12-20 Naka Jujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Phone:03-5948-9211 (For English-speaking staff)
Business Hours: Mon – Sat 9am – 6pm
 www.houyuu-kensetsu.com (English site now live!
Email: houyuu1114@gmail.com