Eco. Healthy. Stylish. Here’s a few Japan-based brands encouraging us to take a new, sustainable look at our wellbeing and the environment we live in. 


A collection of elegantly designed tableware made from natural, compostable materials, namely fast-growing and sustainable bamboo and sugarcane pulp that would otherwise be discarded.


Is that ‘corona weight’ still hanging around giving you problems, but you’re having a hard time getting back to a healthier life? If yes, Tokyo Juice’s Ganbarimasu Cleanse can give you that health boost you need. Made-to-order for max nutrient preservation, the one, three, five or seven-day cleanse can benefit you by increasing energy and promoting weight loss, better skin and sleep as well as a stronger immune system, just to name a few. Overdose on fruits and vegetables in their purest, most colorful superfood form with this cleanse kit.


Made of 100% organic cotton, these sweet little bags come in packs of three different sizes and gently wrap ingredients to help keep them fresh. If you buy your veg and produce from a farmers market, these are ideal to help you cut down on single use plastic packaging, while at the same time leveling up your kitchen cupboard aesthetic game.


This amethyst massage bar is made with shea butter, cocoa butter and essential oils. The butters moisturize the skin, without leaving that annoying greasy residue, and the oils help get your blood circulating to soothe post-exercise achy muscles. Baby Shaman has a long list of handcrafted products made with natural, botanical ingredients — great for a gift for that special person in your life or to treat yo’ self.


Using cutting-edge Japanese textile techniques, the Asano Nenshi multi-use Towel Scarf keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Soak it with water and wrap it around your head during your morning jog, or use its special looping system to secure it as a scarf on hot days. It also has antibacterial properties so you can use it as a mask too during exercise. The designers, from Fukushima, created this product to aid in the revival of the areas affected by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.


Lightweight, waterproof tote bag made from recycled materials. PLASTICITY aims to tackle Japan’s plastic waste problem by upcycling discarded plastic umbrellas into sleek, durable bags.


Send a big, additive-free, eco-conscious, all-vegan kiss to your friends you haven’t been able to meet in ages with Marugoto Vegan’s gift basket. Each package is carefully packed and posted by THE FARM CAFE’s staff and features some of the store’s most popular products including its vegan curry blocks, rice-flour cookies and nutritional yeast.


The consumption of single-use plastics in Japan is a critical issue. One culprit for those living the body-hair-free life is plastic razors. Kai-Group’s Paper Razor, the first of its kind in the world, features a paper handle that can be folded into place like origami and comes completely flat in its packaging, making it very convenient for travel.


Founded by American entrepreneur Sue Takamoto, this community-centered enterprise uses broken pieces of pottery left in the wake of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami to craft one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Each of Nozomi’s jewelry lines are named after loved ones belonging to staff members. The Sara earrings line features delicate pieces of pottery hung on silver or gold wire.


Yogis far and wide know of the dreaded yoga mat funk. You try your best to Febreze the smell away but you know it never lasts. Be embarrassed no longer with Nagayanagi’s 100% Organic All Cork Yoga Mat. Most yoga mats are made of synthetic rubber or plastic that hold onto oil and sweat, but cork is a natural hydrophobic material. If yoga isn’t your thing, their shop also has recycled cork floor tiles, seat cushions and sound absorption wall panels.



Get your fried chicken fix without sending your cholesterol and fat intake sky-high with Karaage 2.0’s soy meat “fried chicken.”


Tawashi is a traditional Japanese scrubbing brush made from palm fibers with varying bristle thicknesses. They mostly are used to clean root vegetables, but you can also use them to clean that pesky grime off your pots and pans without leaving scratches. Once you try a tawashi, you’ll find it difficult to use a normal sponge again.


Living in a first-world country means we take the simple things for granted: easily accessible internet, drinkable water and electricity on demand. Thanks to Carry The Sun’s ‘buy one, give one’ campaign, anytime a customer purchases their eco-friendly, solar powered lantern, they send one to someone overseas in need. The lantern features a 1200m Ah solar charged battery, making it a great, long-lasting night light to read or even a flashlight to illuminate a dark road.

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