July 14, 2011

July 14, 2011

Pop summer culture aliens and more whining


Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on July 2011


Regarding “Fashion Blows” (Body & Soul, June 16): I’d like to see someone wear that balloon dress on the Yamanote line during rush hour. —smartacus*

“Balloon art” and “culture” are words I would not have used in the same sentence. —mackemack*

Beautiful dress. —Maria*


Regarding “Summer Music Festival Guide ‘11” (Feature, July 1): Thanks for the info on Osaka Summersonic. Wait… —Ninjazilla

Maybe my taste in music isn’t as eclectic or up-to-date as I thought it was, but I’m thoroughly underwhelmed by almost all of these lineups. —aerockyulhim


Regarding “The 8 Ball” (Star Struck, July 1): I hear this is good, but I can never forgive Abrams for the way he ended Lost.—Osakadaz*

It sounds like it could be good, but trying to recapture the magic of the late ’70s is bound to disappoint the Baby Boomers and Generation Xers out there. You can only lose your innocence once. I agree with what he says about movie trailers. It should be a teaser that doesn’t give away the best parts. The original Star Wars teaser from 1976 had just bits and pieces of what was in the movie.—Noripinhead


Dear Sir/Madam,
… In 1997, Japanese people started saying that I am not capable of doing any kind of job. I am not able to work since the year 1997 because people are not doing their job and working against me. They have just used me for mass beating and now they are using me for cheap fun with ladies. I am still unemployed because all jobs are temporary jobs and there is no career growth. Whenever I do a job the managers, team leaders ask me to resign in the first month. I am not able to find a suitable girl for marriage and I think I will never marry.
I have reported this incident to the police, CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), newspapers and Human Rights Commission. I have reported all over India and overseas. —name withheld


What IIFYs [I’m Insolent Fuck You] have you seen around town?  Me?  A bunch of IIFYs sit at one table in a cafe, or wherever, and plonk all there [sic] bags on the chairs of the table next to them, thus, taking up two tables all for themselves. I’m Insolent Fuck You!  What examples of IIFYs have you seen?—anonymous



Beercamp is an Analog Social Network.

We meet new people on streets, drink beer with them and take their photos. Then we paint pictures on the photos. You don’t need to tell us your real name and personal information.

The purpose?
1. Meeting new people on streets. Have you ever drunk beer with new people on streets? It is an exciting experience that you have not done.

2. Painting pictures on their photos. We put their photos on an 1820mm x 920mm board and paint pictures on it.

Let’s get together to drink beer with new people on street. http://meturl.com/beercamp

*via Japan Today

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