Kit Kat’s at it again. The wafer-chocolate snack is known for the plethora of interesting and downright bizarre flavors it takes on in Japan, from tamer varieties like apples and strawberry cheesecake, to the questionable wasabi and the short-lived soy-sauce flavor.

This time, Kit Kat has come out with an offering that’s just for grown-ups, and walks the fine line between good taste and outrageous. Kit Kat Nihonshu is exactly that: sake-flavored Kit Kats, which taste unsurprisingly mild but rather sweet, a contrast from the familiar texture of that wafer crunch.

This isn’t a treat to share with kids, however, with its 0.8-percent alcohol content. If you need more “umph” in your snack times, forgo a break with your Kit Kat; have a happy hour instead.

Three-piece packs (¥162) on sale now in convenience stores nationwide for a limited time. Nine-piece packs (¥700) sold in souvenir stores and specialty shops all year.