Any foreign resident of Japan knows how hard it can be to rent or buy a property here. Whether it’s the language barrier, inflexible realtors or the task of finding a property that suits your needs, budget and expectations can be fraught with frustration. 

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When Kozue Dunn moved back to Tokyo from the United States in 2013, she was shocked at how differently the local industry operated compared to overseas. While in the U.S., where most real estate workers are self employed, it quickly became apparent that many of the salaried real estate company employees in Japan didn’t have the customer-centric focus that she was used to. Plus, even though a Tokyo realtor might be bilingual, they weren’t necessarily bicultural, and lacked understanding of the challenges international residents face when searching for their perfect home. 

After dealing with a number of invariably rigid and unhelpful realtors who made it challenging for her to find a home that her international family and her large Rhodesian ridgeback could comfortably live in, she realized that there was a huge gap in the market in Tokyo. There was a need for a real estate agent that truly understood the needs of foreign residents looking to buy, sell or rent property in Japan – and was ready to help them. 

Fluent in Japanese and English and having lived in five different countries, Dunn’s multicultural attitude and eagerness to go the extra mile for her clients quickly allowed her to build a name for herself in the competitive real estate market of Tokyo. Whether it’s convincing property managers to allow pets at rental properties or helping to find finance for buyers, Dunn is a rare commodity in Japan. She is able to navigate difficult negotiations with Japanese stakeholders while understanding the individual needs of her foreign clients. Where many agents in Japan might see a deal as too complicated, Dunn uses her skills to make it work for her client, often continuing to support her clients long after they’ve moved into their new Japanese home. 

Working with a broad range of properties and clients, Dunn buys, sells and rents properties inside and outside of Tokyo. From buying a small vacation house to renting a studio apartment, finding a perfect investment property, long-term family home and even purchasing land for the future, Dunn understands that each client has their own individual needs, and that each Tokyo neighborhood has its own personality, price range and benefits. Dunn brings her personal approach to the Keller Williams AZ office which is owned and operated by AZ Co ltd, a company with over 20 years’ experience in Japanese Real Estate. If you would like to connect with Mrs Dunn, you can do so via the contact information below.


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