Since 1994, Metropolis (formerly Tokyo Classifieds) has been a free magazine at the heart of Japan’s international community. We’re so grateful for everyone who has supported us over these years, whether they’re locals picking up a copy or our thousands of readers who have now returned to their home countries and continue to follow us online. Being there for the community really is, and always has been, our top priority.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, staying afloat as both a print magazine and online media platform has been a challenge. We were determined to survive it though, and have been working hard to keep Metropolis alive for our readers, wherever they are in the world right now. Among these efforts, we also started a crowdfunding page, and turned to our community of readers for their support too. We were amazed at how quickly people responded and how many donations, large or small, started to come in. We were so grateful to read all of the kind, supportive comments and hear the voices of encouragement from those we have been devoting our writing to for all of these years.

Here is a list of the wonderful people who donated $100 or more to our crowdfunding page, making them official sponsors of the Metropolis crowdfunding campaign. It’s thanks to everyone’s help that Metropolis can continue to support our international community!

Metropolis official crowdfunding sponsors: 

Alex Iskounen

Ami Minars

Andrew Peyton

Andrew Smith

Andrew Wheadon

Bonson Lam

Brendan Ryan

Bruce Corsino

Custom Media

David Clement

David Richardson

David Swan

Frankie  Hart

Ian Newton

Joseph Lovullo

Ken Kuroyanagi

Marc Fuoti

Matthew  Fawcett

Matthieu Le Bris

Melvin Dion

Michael & Laycee Atkins

Michael J

Nacio Cronin

Naoko Kinoshita

Philippe Sauzedde

Reinhard Schu

Richard Gruppetta

Robert Heldt

Scott Walker

Seth Sulkin

Sherwin Faden

Simon Farrell

Sunil Kulkarni

Terrie Lloyd

Wolfgang Bierer

William Touzalin

To see a full list of all of our backers for our crowdfunding campaign, please visit