Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza-Gochome

Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza-Gochome

A fusion of Japan's rich history of performance and modernity meet at this new Ginza location


From the moment the wooden doors slide open as you approach the reception area, Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza-Gochome’s vision to blend kabuki’s rich history with the international feel of contemporary Tokyo is clear. Large kabuki-inspired artworks line the wall behind the hotel’s reception desk ready to greet guests, framed by cool stone walls and sleek lighting. Even the location, right across from Kabukiza, the principal theater to catch kabuki performances in Tokyo, makes clear nods to this historical art form. 


However, while kabuki involves elaborately designed costumes, striking makeup and highly-stylized movements, the hotel’s interior design is a more subtle gesture, carefully threading elements of kabuki’s aesthetic throughout the building’s 15 floors. 

Each guest room features its own wall art similar to that of the reception area, adding a splash of color and a whisper of history to the calm, otherwise neutral space. Varying in size and style to suit any guest’s budget and needs, the rooms range all the way from the standard to the deluxe suite. For guests who would like a more traditional experience compared to Western styles adopted by many hotels with international guests in mind, the deluxe twin is the perfect option. Sitting on the raised tatami flooring accented by soft lighting, guests in this room can enjoy tea using a Japanese traditional set with a yokode kyusu (side-handled teapot).


Regardless of whether guests stay in this style room or not, though, it’s easy to immerse yourself in elements of Japanese culture by heading to the hotel’s large public baths or to the hotel restaurant, SHARI, where the menu offers a range of Japanese dishes. The sushi roll option includes five kinds of sushi: grilled mackerel, flying fish, salad roll with crab meat, salmon and sea bream – all of which are delicately arranged and topped with decorative flowers. There’s also an opportunity to sample a wide range of flavors in nine miniature dishes included in the Japanese course everything from braised swordfish with daikon (Japanese white radish) to deep-fried stuffed lotus root, all served in an eclectic variety of tableware. For those who fancy Western-style options instead, the menu also features options such as comforting pumpkin soup and quiche Lorraine, while the impressively diverse, colorful salad bar will appeal to all. 

SHARI 和食膳(イメージ)

Whether it’s your first time visiting Japan or you’re already familiar with the country’s capital, Mistui Garden Hotel Ginza-Gochome, which officially opened on September 26, 2019, invites guests into a space that not only embraces Japanese history, but also international visitors. All staff members can speak English and all menus and signage are in both Japanese and English. Thanks to its prime location in Ginza, right next to Higashi-Ginza Station and a short walk from Ginza Station, it’s also a perfect base to experience Tokyo and Japanese culture, far beyond the kabuki style from which the hotel draws influence. 

Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza-Gochome
5-13-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku