Dinner in America

Spunky punk fun

A punk rocker/drug dealer (Kyle Gellner) on the lam who has what might be charitably called a caustic manner and a socially awkward young woman (Emily Skeggs) who digs his band find each other and embark on a raucous tour through America’s fraying midwestern suburban values. 

I’m not going to tell you much about this odd little film; I’d rather you discover it as I did. At first, I was dismayed when its in-your-face attitude seemed to be signaling some sort of Harmony Korine-type show-offy counterculture romp. It was not. 

Adam Rehmeier’s film instead mines great (if edgy) humor with its skewered family dinnertime disasters and entertaining verbal dynamics. By the end I found myself hugely entertained, emotionally touched and even inspired. Not to be missed. (106 min)


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