A Dog’s Way Home

Cloyingly cute canine caper

A Dog’s Way Home is the story of a lost pet making her way through 400 miles of Colorado forest to be reunited with her beloved master. During this two and a half year ordeal she must contend with virtually every conceivable canine cliché, make unlikely friendships (like with a CGI puma cub) and leave no heartstring unplucked. 

While dog-lovers will certainly relate, I’d label this one for little kids only. Well, except for that potentially traumatizing scene where the dehydrated pooch is chained to a corpse. Bottom line, while it’s hard to criticize a cute-dog flick, this is a sentimental, manipulative, Hallmark Channel version of Lassie Comes Home with no real reason to exist.

November 8 (96 min)