Drive-Away Dolls

A road to nowhere.

Note: A “drive-away” is a service that finds a driver for your vehicle when you want to get it to another place but don’t want to drive it there yourself.

The story here is about a pair of lesbians in Philadelphia (Margaret Qualley & Geraldine Viswanathan) who want to get to Tallahassee but pick up the wrong car at the service, one with something in the trunk that some bad guys really, really want back. They head south, hitting lesbian bars and getting into scrapes, unaware of their cargo or the inept goons on their tail.

As gay movies go, this is not a human drama like Call Me by Your Name or the recent All of Us Strangers. Neither is it a hetero-friendly romp like Kevin Kline’s In & Out. No, what we’ve got here is a raunchy, in-your-face queer-punk madcap comedy that’s only sporadically funny. Lots of dildo jokes.

A soloing Ethan Cohen is the director, working from a script by his wife, Tricia Cooke. And while it’s possible to spot his influences here and there, he needs to go back to work with his brother Joel.

It’s the kind of forgettable movie that tries too hard to be creative and ends up being mildly amusing and more annoying than groundbreaking. (84 min)