Line of Duty

Fast-paced but plotless

Going in, I was thinking that any movie, even dreck like this from career action cheapie maker Steven C. Miller would be elevated at least to the watchable level by actors Aaron Eckhart and Giancarlo Esposito. Alas, all these veterans do is weaken their filmographies. 

A disgraced-but-decent cop (Eckhart) teams up with a precocious teen live-stream vlogger in his search for the abductor of the police chief’s (Esposito) young daughter after accidentally killing the only person who knew where she might be. 

Fast-paced it is, but nearly plotless and insultingly mindless. Any shred of credibility is thrown out the window when the heavily armed villain shows up and does lethal battle against several dozen cops who apparently don’t know how guns work.

(98 min)