Shamanic possession 

Christine (Eva Green) is a highly successful designer of children’s clothing for fast-fashion outlets.  But she has been troubled of late by mysterious symptoms that baffle her doctors and frustrate her husband (Mark Strong). Since her ailments include the occasional memory lapse, she is not entirely surprised when Diana, a practitioner of Philippine folk medicine, shows up at her door saying she had been sent for. 

As the dynamic between these two complex women evolves, Diana’s incantations, herbal preparations and other remedies seem to be the answer. Until they’re not. Mad dogs and ticks are involved. Lots of ticks.

This new film from Ireland’s Lorcan Finnegan (Foxes, Without Name, Vivarium) is superbly acted, imaginatively shot and creatively directed. But pretty surprise-free for a thriller. By the third act you’ll have figured out that Diana is more that what she seems, and what that means. Despite its predictability, however, the denouement is delightfully ironic and satisfying. (96 min)

Check it out now in theaters.