Say yes to Nope

Jordan Peele’s films blend horror with a dash of comedy. After the wry social commentary of Get Out and the eerie oddness of Us, this time he pulls out all the stops, blending imagery, wit, sound design and suspense to come up with a full-blown alien-invasion spectacular that manages to be totally original while paying homage to past greats and obscure subgenres alike. 

Has to do with a brother and sister (Daniel Kaluuya, strong and silent, and Keke Palmer, vivacious and rash) who notice something odd in the sky over their isolated California 

animal-wrangling ranch. With the help of a gormless electronics-store clerk (Brandon Perea) they must use their wits to defeat the clearly more powerful intruder.

Not going to tell anything more. But go see it. It’s simply a great time at the movies. (130 min)