Serah Alabi & “THE GREY AREA”

Photography, sexuality and identity in contemporary Tokyo

With my photographs, I want to imply that it is equally unnatural to conform to societal notions of what is natural for women and men. That’s how I opened up ‘The Grey Area’ — a platform that doesn’t didact who you should be or shouldn’t be.

Photographer, journalist and academic Serah Alabi discusses her exhibition at the Hive Jinnan (until Sep 14) and her views on sexuality and identity in contemporary Tokyo. A postgraduate student at Bunka Fashion College, Alabi sheds light on individuals who challenge societal norms and explore the “grey area” of self-identity. To read more about her work, check out our interview in the September issue.

Video by Sonya Kulyk.

THE GREY AREA –  in between identity and sexuality
July 26 – September 14
7pm – 10pm
The Hive Jinnan
1-6-5 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku