Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story

Making an exciting job dull

We’re all aware that’s not Tom Cruise jumping off that building. No, clearly that would cause coronaries among Hollywood’s insurance agents. It’s some guy that looks like Tom from a distance. But less thought is given to the extremely skilled and tough women who do the same job for female action stars. Not only is their job obviously fraught with peril, they have to also deal with the industry’s inherent sexism (until recently, most of this work was done by bewigged stunt-males). 

One would think a documentary about these badass ladies might be as gripping as the chances they take. Unfortunately, a fascinating subject does not automatically make for a great documentary, and the uninspired, risk-free approach taken to the subject by documentarian April Wright just sucks all the fun out of it. Interview snippet, action clip, the occasional historical reference, repeat and repeat again. For film industry types only. (84 min)

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