The Age of Adaline

Meager emotional payoff for the great suspension of disbelief required

As over-explained by the incessant narrator, Adaline Bowman (a bland Blake Lively) had a car accident in 1937 at the age of 29, during which hypothermia and a lightning strike rendered her unable to age. Long story short: eternal youth is a double-edged sword.

But this Benjamin Button-ish pseudoscience is easy to swallow compared with the contrivance of her falling in love, in 2015, with the son of a guy she loved and left 50 years earlier (a scene-stealing Harrison Ford). Stylishly framed but sloppily written, and the required suspension of disbelief is just too great for the meager emotional payoff. Japanese title: Adaline, Hyakunen Me no Koi. (110 min)