Musashi Japan

Musashi Japan

Precision cutting coupled with aesthetic delight


Masterpieces, exceptionally and meticulously crafted by experienced artisans with a legacy spanning over 700 years in the industry—Musashi’s Japanese knives are unparalleled.

An Experience Store 

Musashi Knives

At its Kappabashi Street location, the Musashi store feels like an immersive cultural experience. The second floor doubles as a Japanese sake journey, seamlessly transporting you from the realm of eerie yokai creatures to the resolute and gallant spirits of the samurai. A multilingual team is poised at the entrance to greet you warmly and introduce you to a range of expertly-made tools, each with its own character and traditional charm. 

Musashi’s Vision 

At its heart, Musashi’s mission revolves around preserving the art of crafting Japanese knives, ensuring its continuity for future generations to enjoy. 

A Golden Knife? 

The exquisite and radiant gold engraving motifs such as Sakura-Fuji, Tiger-Bamboo, and Samurai, to name a few, are certain to leave an indelible mark on any owner. Musashi joined forces with the seasoned artisan Asamura Takao, who boasts over 50 years of experience in the field. Takao has dedicated months and in some cases an entire year, to meticulously refining each knife. This exclusive collection commemorates the vanishing art of traditional Japanese engraving, resurrecting its timeless allure.

Clearing the Ocean 

Musashi Knives

Musashi introduces the Tsushima Ocean knife to reflect its eco-conscious values. Tsushima, situated on the westernmost island of Japan, is susceptible to accumulating substantial amounts of marine debris. Following two years of conscientious development to combat ocean pollution, Musashi ingeniously repurposed Tsushima’s maritime waste to craft vibrant and captivating handles for its Japanese knives, thus contributing to a greater environmental cause. 

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OPEN: 10am – 6pm