New Face Cosmetic Acupuncture Salon

New Face Cosmetic Acupuncture Salon

Facial Acupuncture Therapy in Kita Aoyama


Beauty truly does come from the inside. New Face Cosmetic Service knows that the best way to achieve an external youthful and healthy glow isn’t by using makeup and photo filters, it’s by taking a holistic approach that focuses on internal health first. 

Facial Acupuncture

The salon’s scientific and holistic approach to cosmetic enhancement includes treatment of current conditions, as well as prevention of future problems, using facial acupuncture. The expert staff use fine, painless needles during facial acupuncture to stimulate the production of collagen. The acupuncture technique helps improve elasticity, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, improve sagging skin, and brighten and smooth the skin. It is also excellent for reducing the signs and effects of stress on the body, relieving the appearance of tired eyes, alleviating insomnia and calming an anxious or stressed mind. 

Inspired by traditional medicine, New Face Cosmetic Service transforms centuries of wisdom into a modern facial acupuncture therapy. It is a non-surgical alternative to reduce the signs of aging and stress and the technique is recognized as effective by the World Health Organization. 

Facial Acupuncture is 50% off for your first visit to the salon (¥4,900)

Hair Restoring Treatment 

New Face Cosmetic Acupuncture Salon also specializes in hair restoration via acupuncture treatment for the scalp. This technique improves blood circulation, releases stress and combats autonomic imbalances. 

Acupuncture Body Treatment  

Combat muscle aches, stiffness and fatigue in your neck, shoulders and lower back with a 70-minute acupuncture body treatment. New Face Cosmetic Acupuncture Salon uses a technique called chiropractic moxibustion alongside its acupuncture. This involves small cones of burning herbs applied over various acupuncture points of your body. It promotes rapid healing and pain relief. 

New Face Cosmetic Acupuncture Salon

At just a one-minute walk from Omotesando B2 Exit, New Face Cosmetic Acupuncture Salon is located in a stylish, convenient area of Tokyo, making it easy to book an appointment and meet your therapists to discover how these alternative therapies can improve your life. 

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New Face Cosmetic Acupuncture Salon
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