Don’t Care Who Knows That


Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on February 2010

Courtesy of Origami Productions

The latest from Origami—the label now shaking up the domestic jazz-funk scene with its Laidbook collectors’ edition CDs—comes from unassuming trio Ovall. Bassist/keyboardist Shingo Suzuki, drummer Mabanua and guitarist Shingo Sekiguchi aren’t shy about looking back to the era of classic ‘70s Crusaders/Isley Brothers-style funk-fusion, and they do it with such aplomb that they leave you wondering where their Afros and terrycloth are. Ovall dish out up-tempo booty shakers like “Secret Time” and dripping, psychedelic soul ballads such as “Shadows & Lights” with equal proficiency. Enlisting the assistance of East London street poet Jo’Leon Davenue for the hip-hop-inflected “Still on the Road” brings them into the 21st century, while the cool-as-cucumber presence of David Le Deunff of French rap crew Hocus Pocus on “Supalover” is the icing on the cake.