If you have poor posture from sitting at your desk all day, suffer from chronic back pain or just want to keep your body functioning at its best to match your active lifestyle, have you ever considered chiropractic therapy? You’ve no doubt seen those videos on YouTube featuring people’s spines being popped and cracked like a glow stick, but entertainment — or horror — aside, the benefits of this alternative form of medicine have been praised for centuries. 

Dr. Yoshitaka Asano is a chiropractic doctor who has seen countless clients benefit from his care, including top athletes like David Beckham, NFL players and pro Japanese baseball players. After 15 years of experience running his own chiropractic and acupuncture clinic in the U.S., Dr. Asano recently moved to Tokyo and has been taking care of his patients in his Roppongi clinic, Professional Bodyworks+, since early 2021. 

Dr. Yoshitaka Asano

While in the States, he not only built up his esteemed prestige as a doctor of chiropractics but also gained respect in the field of cupping therapy, later forming a training service specializing in this alternative therapeutic technique back in 2017. Now, his training service has already attracted over 700 medical professionals. 


How can a chiropractor help you? 

Chiropractors are multi-taskers but their primary goal is to relieve pain without the use of drugs or substances. They use manual adjustment techniques to alleviate spinal or joint pains and improve their functioning. While chiropractors are oftentimes associated with treating back or neck pains, their field is versatile. For instance, they can help to treat recurring injuries, sport injuries or arthritis (joint tenderness and pain) which explains their popularity with athletes. Yet, athletes are not the only regular clients. Chiropractors are a major ally to post-pregnant women as well, by assisting in the realignment of the pelvis to its pre-pregnancy state as swiftly and safely as possible, and their main clients are those suffering from poor posture or chronic back pain. 


Professional Bodyworks+

Dr. Asano’s clinic provides extensive care and offers non-invasive and low-risk treatment methods including chiropractic treatment, electrotherapy, therapeutic exercises and functional cupping methods. 

Electrotherapy might sound scary but it’s a safe way to increase circulation and promote fast healing via high frequency heating equipment (INDIBA) applied to the body. Likewise, the functional cupping method might sound bizarre to some, but it is an ancient practice that has been trusted for centuries to increase blood circulation and promote cell repair, relieving muscle pain in the area cupped. 

The clinic’s staff can also offer advice on how to speed up recovery — from physical injuries such as sprains. To prevent future injury, the staff can also coach correct ways to train via therapeutic exercises that minimize strain on the spine and joints. 

Whatever reason you visit Dr. Asano’s clinic, he ensures you receive personalized care to address all your needs and concerns. Unlike a cold hospital room, the clinic is warm and inviting, with friendly staff ready to make sure you receive the best care. Professional Bodyworks+ is situated in an easily accessible, safe area of Tokyo within a seven-minute walk from Roppongi Station, so you can easily drop by after work or on your day off. 

Ninetytwo13 Room 203
9-2-13 Akasaka, Minato-ku

Please contact Dr. Asano and his team for pricing details.