The Devil’s Tomb


Originally published on on October 2009

©2008 Ice Cold Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved

©2008 Ice Cold Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved

In this direct-to-DVD military sci-fi/horror flick, Cuba “Fluke Oscar” Gooding Jr. leads a band of stereotypical, tough-talking, kick-ass soldiers on a mission to rescue a valuable scientist from a top-secret underground laboratory where something has gone terribly wrong. Jeez, don’t these guys ever go to the movies? Cuba’s soon more than a little concerned that the mission briefing didn’t include fighting devil-possessed, lesion-covered, acid-blood-projectile-vomiting, shape-shifting, mind-messing zombies in a battle of Biblical proportions. Damn military! Also Henry Rollins, Ron Perlman and Ray Winstone.