The Public Stand

The Public Stand

Nomihodai havens across Tokyo


Tokyo isn’t short of places offering nomihodai (all-you-can-drink) deals but most come with a time limit of only a couple of hours in which to enjoy the drinks, leading to a desperate dash to get your money’s worth. On top of that, the menu itself can often have an uninspiring and limited range of options from which to choose from.

Going against this established model, The Public stand’s network of bars offer a deal that is hard to ignore if you’re looking to do some serious drinking: all-you-can-drink for a single, reasonably priced fee that is valid all night. No more worrying about the individual prices of drinks or inadvertently racking up an expensive bill by the end of the evening. Special discounts are on offer for those who want to start their drinking early (arriving before 8pm on the day) — women can drink for just  ¥500 (¥1,000 at other times) and men between ¥2,000 and ¥2,500 (between ¥3,000 and ¥3,500* at other times) — and a further discount is available for those who arrive with a lady friend to drink with.


With Christmas and New Year’s fast approaching, The Public stand’s seasonal deals and party plans can help curb your holiday spending without depleting any of the fun. All seven Tokyo locations, in addition to the recently opened Yokohama outpost, are now participating in a “Nightlife Revolution” (Yoasobi Kakumei), until the end of February. In addition to an all-you-can-drink deal, guests have free rein over the bars’ various games, darts, pool tables, karaoke programs and more, for ¥500 (for women, normally ¥1,000) or ¥2,000 (for men, ¥2,500 on Fridays and Saturdays, normally ¥3,000 – ¥3,500). The only requirement is for guests to show a receipt from that day, whether it be a dining, shopping or gift expense.

Furthermore, guests who purchase an “Xmas Week” passport can revel in 10 days of nomihodai at any of the locations right up until Christmas Eve. The passport is valid between December 15 and December 24, and costs ¥6,500 for men and ¥1,500 for women. Tickets are on sale now. The festivities continue into 2020, with what are sure to be sensational countdown parties at all branches. The Public stand also lends itself to special events, such as shinnenkai (new year gatherings), birthdays or wedding afterparties. Those interested in hosting private celebrations may contact their desired store for more information.

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The bars’ all-you-can-drink menu includes 100 plus drinks, from beer to wine to cocktails (and non-alcoholic options). There’s plenty of opportunity to be adventurous with your choices and ordering is a breeze thanks to the friendly and knowledgeable staff. There are also individually priced options such as bottled beer, energy drink cocktails and various liquor shots amongst others.

The clean, comfortable social environment encourages communication with fellow drinkers, making it easy to meet and make new friends. Some locations even offer various games to help encourage this such as receiving a playing card and winning a free shot should you find a member of the opposite sex who has the same card as you. With live streaming of local and international sports games, whether it be soccer, basketball, football, rugby or MMA, guests can expect a more fun and frenzied time as fans from across the different countries turn out to cheer their team on.

All of The Public stand’s bars are elegantly designed, each with their own individual twists to the interior. The contrast between the more traditional bar-like tones of the Ginza branch, for example, with the more colorful stylings of the Shinjuku Yasukuni-dori location add to the appeal of embarking on a Tokyo Public stand bar crawl, soaking up the different ambience of each area and doing so without breaking the bank. Check the homepage to learn more about each location.

*all prices not including tax

The Public stand – Kanagawa, Yokohama Nishiguchi
Minamisaiwai Bld. F1
Nishi-ward, Minamisaiwai 2-9
Kanagawa, Yokohama-city

6pm – 5am