Top 3 Kanto Beer Gardens

Top 3 Kanto Beer Gardens

The summer’s best all-you-can-drink outdoor extravaganzas


The beer garden is the undisputed champ at helping thirsty Tokyoites beat Japan’s summer heat. Popular for groups of friends—and even ranked highly as date destinations—most offer barbecue as well as brews to complete the summer experience. To make your destination decision easier, we’ve tracked down a list of the top three beer gardens in Tokyo and Yokohama.

1. Mori no Beer Garden

Known for combining beer with a bit of nature (well, at least a small patch of grass) this beer garden has been beloved in Tokyo since 1984. Set up in Meiji-jingu Gaien until September 27, Mori no Beer Garden offers a 2-hour, all-you-can-eat-and-drink plan at ¥4,100 for men and ¥3,800 for women.

2. The Bund

This beer garden is set up every summer on the first floor of Yokohama Marine Tower, offering a beautiful view of Yamashita Park, Minato Mirai and Yokohama’s breathtaking skyline. The 2-hour, all-you-can-drink plan includes one set of pork barbecue for ¥4,000.

3. Beer Terrace Hibiya Saroh

Opened in 1949, this outdoor brew spot is known for its long list of carefully selected beers from all over the world. The food menu also offers more than mere nibbles, with omu and hayashi raisu topping the list of local favorites. Open year-round, this breezy terrace will make you forget you’re in downtown Tokyo.

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