Vacation Veranda


Originally published on on August 2012

What if we were to tell you that you have an extra room in your home? And that even though you’re paying for it, you probably never use it for more than hanging your laundry or for dumping garbage? That’s right—we’re talking about your balcony.

Vacation Veranda is the premier outdoor-living design company, that can transform your idle, unused urban spaces into beautiful, lush gardens. Before you know it, you’ll be taking a daily vacation in the privacy of your own home.

Each job is customized to suit the client’s taste and maximizes every last square inch. Not only do you get a leisure sanctuary, but you also squeeze extra value out of your monthly rent or mortgage payments. Having a beautiful and relaxing getaway on your terrace could help you save money, as you’ll enjoy spending more time at home. And with environmentally-friendly green plants, vivid colorful flowers and trees on your newly customized deck, you’ll not only get a stronger dose of oxygen, but you’ll be doing your part to help make Tokyo a greener city, one patio at a time.

Vacation Veranda offers designs to suit all budgets, from the very simple to the luxurious. Maintenance and aftercare services help keep your balcony garden in good shape, and you can have it removed when it’s time to relocate and start all over again. Isn’t it time you had a vacation in your own home?

The summer is on its way out—what is the point of sprucing up your balcony now?
Last year, even after a busy summer with many veranda makeover projects, the fall season was even busier. While some of my clients share my joy for a really hot summer, others don’t. The autumn season is a really good time to enjoy the outdoors as the temperature starts to cool down. Even during Tokyo’s mild winters, your balcony could be used for a sunny Sunday brunch.

Does a renewed balcony really make that much difference to life?
Any real change in life must start from within—but creating a beautiful atmosphere to escape from your daily routine can help tap into your best self. Most of us have probably decorated and organized the inside of our homes but have left this additional space unexploited for outdoor living. Vacation Veranda’s goal is to create an escape space within the privacy of your own home.

How can renters get around finicky landlords to install a Vacation Veranda?
Seventy percent of my clients are renters. Every building is different so find out the building rules. In most cases, you’re allowed to decorate your balcony as long as you don’t block emergency exits nor create anything permanent. We offer renters strong and high-quality removable items so you can return the space to its original form.

How much does the process cost—ballpark figure?
We really try to work with every client regardless of budget. Designs range from simple to luxurious, and have been done for as little as ¥100,000.

How long does it take, more or less?
Once the design and cost has been agreed, an installation for an average size balcony (6-10m2) takes three to four days.

What about people who don’t have balconies?
One of my new favorite designs are vertical gardens. These are gardens that grow on specially crafted wall-planter structures. These beautiful “green murals” can be used inside and outside your home.

What’s the weirdest thing someone has asked for?
Creating a Bali-style water-walkway in the middle of one’s terrace. We made it!

What is the most popular selection?
Our signature red planter boxes.

What should people do if they’re not sure what they want?
We try to work with each client to incorporate their ideas into our designs. But some are happy for us to work from a blank slate to create their personal Copa Cabana escape spaces. So whether you have your own idea, or want to use ours, we’ll get you an awesome end product.

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