♥Love    ¥Money    ♣Luck        


March 21 – April 20  


Mars in your relationship sector may have you racing at top speed. Increasing your exercise gets your best scores ready. Someone is interested in you. Luckily, heat and excitement has an enticing aspect. It balances Venus and her connection with Chiron. These two offer healing in a soft and gentle way. Float in their warmth and understanding during this transitional week.


April 21 – May 21


It’s not all sweetness and light, but Venus is in your solar seventh house. This area reflects a significant love interest. Follow your instincts. Mercury may want to use up your time talking about how you need to heal and work things through. In reality, finances could solve most of it. Things start to get a bit techy on Saturday. Energies stabilize with more understanding on Tuesday.


May 22– June 21


It can be a quiet week if you stay in the stream of the stars. They’re busy dealing with your partner, so you can have a little free time. If you’re single, work may offer opportunities with flexibility and more comfort. You could hear exciting news just before or during the weekend. Watch for the slippery effect of Venus trine Chiron. It’s a fun and healing time, but keep track of your finances.


June 22 – July 23


Work will keep you hopping and a relationship is breaking all the rules. Except, were those the old ones where you didn’t do what you wanted to, and you felt alone even when you were with someone? Now you’ve got Juno to keep you warm, and Dark Moon Lilith to help follow your heart. And Pluto, who won’t let you go down the path you went before – because it’s not there anymore. Enjoy!


July 24 – August 23


Leo to the rescue! It’s pretty much always that way. Each sign has a gift and a strength. Yours is to be guided by your heart. You end up being a role model, showing others how to do it. That’s why you encourage them, instilling courage and confidence. You are definitely loved, even when others are too busy, shy, or (frankly) self-absorbed to say it. The zodiac just couldn’t continue without you. Take some time out for yourself this week.


August 24 – September 23


You enjoy being specific and making things fit together. This makes you a dream when it comes to designing. If you have Mars in clever Virgo as well as your Sun, you can be an expert draftsperson and architect. Right now, Mars is in your solar second house. That’s a money position. If things seem to be happening fast, they may be worth your response. Return the emails, texts and calls. In a short while, you could be cashing in. And that will be a joy for the holidays!


September 24 – October 23


While you may think you’re living in survival mode, you are actually part of everything around you. So, if you’re gentle with your environment, it might just return your kindness. Certainly, it will be more inspired to respond to you when you need it to. Mars in Libra has a way of making you feel you need to do everything quickly. In fact, it will push to set up situations where it’s obvious that you do. Break the glass ceiling. Then bounce back.


October 24 – November 22


Your energies won’t let you just sit. You probably don’t want to. An inner drive is growing. While you may be thankful for it, you may wonder where it’s coming from. Sure, chocolate and coffee, prayer and exercise are part of this. Generally speaking, the harmony of the stars wafts through. This week they strum your inner strings. Vesta in your sign warms up Jupiter, who wants to take a leap of faith. It may be a small step. Venus is likely to offer a bit of encouragement. Will you?


November 23 – December 22


Happy Birthday, Sag! This is your week, whether you knew it or not (now you do). Mercury in your sign squares Chiron and the healing process carries on. But you are doing this at a deep level, one that will stick. Then this messenger with wings makes a stellar aspect to Uranus, and you get lucky. It’s a reward from the universe for all your good deeds. Don’t spend it all on others when it shows up – save some for yourself.


December 23 – January 20


Do plants have spirits? Do stars have souls? What exactly in our universe is alive, and what is not? The more awake you are, the more everything hums for you. Some days you’re in a symphony, other times it’s just a noisy traffic jam. Dark Moon Lilith has just entered your sign. She sees things differently. She also manifests in a way not necessarily understood. Your psychic powers are growing. Your dreams have meaning. Fill yourself with light.


January 21 – February 19


Even as the darkness grows (in the Northern hemisphere), the light within stays strong. The more you are in touch with your radiance, the more you can enjoy nurturing it. When you are ready, you may help others. In the meantime, they say you can change someone’s day with just a smile. It’s a bit of a lop-sided week for Aquarius. You need to be true to your feelings, but your dreams may be stirring the pot. Let Venus trine Chiron create a gentle approach for whatever you choose.


February 20 – March 20    


Pisces has a way of staying young, whatever age you may be. That’s because you’re flexible. You shed the heaviness of each day with your gentle spirit. Be careful or you could become famous. The Sun has just entered your house of career. Combined with Mercury and Saturn, the stability you need blends with the message of who you are and what you do. Watch for sudden changes on Saturday to help you get where you want to be.