Who Needs Hands?


Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on February 2010

Courtesy of Idea International

If you find that your precious iPhone keeps slipping out of your paws just as you’re about to convince a friend that the new app you’ve downloaded really is more hilarious than “I Am T-Pain,” this one’s for you. As its no-frills name suggests, the iStand is the crutch for which your beloved Apple keitai (or iPod, if you’ve still got one of those) has been mewling out. Stick one on and you won’t even have to hold anything as you sit back and enjoy your music and slideshows, or whatever it is that you smug iPhone-toting floozies do with your time.

iStand, ¥640. Available from Idea International stores and at www.idea-onlineshop.jp