This year, the Yokohama International Education Academy saw its 30th year anniversary, celebrating a legacy of excellence and success within the field of Japanese language education. Nestled within the historic but modern port city of Yokohama, the school is surrounded by convention centers that frequently house international exhibitions, head offices of global companies, hotels for the many foreign visitors, and even Yokohama’s own Chinatown. 

This location plays a large part in creating an appropriate environment for the growth of the school’s students, of which the school is proud. Beyond its neighbors, the school values its proximity to central Tokyo but appreciates, even more, the beautiful blue skies and open spaces of Yokohama, as well as the youth and energy that mingles with the quiet charm of the district. Dormitories are conveniently located within walking distance from the school, and throughout the year events and ‘cultural experiences’ are facilitated, including tea ceremonies, shodo (Japanese calligraphy) classes, field trips, sports days, speech contests and, of course, graduation ceremonies.


Founded in 1988, the Yokohama International Education Academy today has close to 500 students. Short-term study and student visas are available to school applicants, with whom the school will work to apply to the corresponding government offices. At any given time, the school houses over 15 different nationalities, giving them a wealth of experience in teaching a wide range of learners the sometimes elusive Japanese language. Many have found that learning Japanese is no small feat, but over the years the language school has developed a curriculum that has evolved by learning from the experiences of its students and taught by qualified native speakers of Japanese; thereby guaranteeing them a solid foundation in the language. In addition, many of the caring and supportive members of staff have been with the school for more than 15 years — a testament to the school’s commitment to create the right environment for all involved.