As Tokyo’s preparation for the 2020 Olympics accelerates, so does the city’s need for quality and modern accommodation. Tokyo is a protean capital — always regenerating and changing shape and, in recent years, this has taken the form of a plethora of new hotels and the entry of Airbnb in an increasingly crowded marketplace. 

MIMARU is leading the way in the country’s hotel scene with the apartment hotel concept. With branches dotted around Tokyo and a number of spaces in Kyoto, MIMARU brings an option for families and longer stays in areas located near major tourist attractions. MIMARU’s rooms have a contemporary Japanese aesthetic with fully operational kitchens that come with utensils and cooking equipment. The rooms, then, become a relaxing home away from home. 


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Each room comes equipped with a handy smartphone which can be taken out of the premises and acts as a portable Wi-Fi. Local calls and some international calls can be made with the smartphone, which also provides internet access and suggested trips and itineraries. 


Rooms come equipped with smartphones that act as portable Wi-Fi devices.

The bathroom is spacious with shower facilities and a huge, traditionally deep Japanese bathtub perfect for soaking in after a long day traversing the capital. There is also a separate toilet room and, depending on the room type and location, various sleeping accommodations. The deluxe family apartment at MIMARU Tokyo Hatchobori features cute little bunk beds, a massive double bed and a sofa area, which means the room can easily fit four with more than enough space for everyone. There are also Japanese-style apartments, a kid-friendly Pokémon-themed room and larger rooms that fit up to eight guests at a time.

Some of the rooms come with a projector, a very cool plus point for those looking for the ultimate entertainment experience. Eschewing the normal flatscreen TVs, MIMARU opts for a projector which is neatly fitted onto a light which projects onto a huge white wall. YouTube and a selection of other services including mood options and music really makes for a unique experience and one that kids absolutely adore. After a long day or after awakening in the morning having access to news and kids channels can complete an already luxurious hotel stay. 


MIMARU Tokyo Hatchobori’s Japanese-style room fits up to six adults.

Every MIMARU has multilingual reception staff in addition to translation software for an additional 16 languages making check in and other procedures very easy and hassle-free. Metropolis stayed at MIMARU Tokyo Hatchobori and the staff spoke English, Chinese and Russian as well as a host of other languages.

Hatchobori is an unassuming district of Tokyo. Quiet and tranquil, it serves as a perfect place to relax and experience a more local aspect of the city. Hatchobori, however, is only a few minutes walk from some of the major tourist areas such as Tsukiji, Ginza, Marunouchi, Yurakucho, Tokyo Station and Hibiya. So trips to the historic Tsukiji fish market, upscale Ginza and Marunouchi shopping districts, Hibiya Park and the ramshackle stalls and izakayas of Yurakucho can all be accessed either on foot or through the nearby Hibiya line, which serves as an essential artery in the capital city.


Multilingual reception staff make procedures easy and hassle-free.

MIMARU, then, provides guests in Tokyo and Kyoto with a quality hotel apartment option: A stay with a real, valued difference. Family-focused with a spotlight on longer stays and a host of mod-cons, the rooms will ease any visitor’s stay in a city which can dazzle, confuse and ultimately delight. 

Learn more about MIMARU’s various branches on the homepage. Use the coupon code “Metropolis” and receive a discount when you book. Discounts vary by date and the code is valid until December 31, 2020.


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Tel: 03-6661-9211