The mostly true story of a group of wealthy ‘80s twerps in Los Angeles (led by Ansel Elgort) who take time out from spending their daddies’ money in clubs to come up with a get-richer-quick scheme. These privileged cheap crooks get taken, as they often do, by a smarter cheap crook (Kevin Spacey) and, surprise, things don’t go as planned and people get dead. Ho hum. Directed by James Cox, an apparent professional maker of bad movies (Wonderland, Straight A’s), this sordid, brainless bore attempts to emulate and combine elements of The Wolf of Wall Street and The Social Network. Fails. There are no good guys; no one to root for, and no reason to recommend it.

Note: while this was filmed before All the Money in the World, Kevin Spacey’s scenes were not reshot and this turkey was released as it was. He may have wished otherwise, as this represents a low point on the disgraced actor’s admittedly stellar filmography. (108 min)