trip to the dentist can be an unnerving experience for many people, more so with a language barrier fuelling confusion and uncertainty. With Harvard University alumni Director Michiko Sato at the helm, Brush Carrera Dental Clinic takes pride in its warm and friendly English-speaking staff who are on hand to alleviate any such fears from even the most nervous of patients.

The clinic prides itself on delivering advanced and personal dental treatment. With the latest technological equipment available, staff are not only able to carry out difficult tooth extractions, such as wisdom teeth, buried teeth and teeth with severe infection. As an implant and surgical operation specialist, Doctor Sato is also able to undertake more complex procedures such as bone grafts, ridge augmentation of the jaw and many other implant treatments.

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Believing in the importance of good oral maintenance, Doctor Sato and her team provide top-quality service to help with the preservation of healthy teeth and gums. By using an airflow device, which rinses off any impurities that cannot be removed with the everyday brushing of teeth, Brush Carrera Dental Clinic will leave your mouth feeling fresher than ever.

Patient well-being is a top priority for the clinic and another of its core values is the provision of individual, in-depth consultations. By carefully studying a wide variety of treatment options, tailor made plans ensure that patients can be certain of receiving the very best treatment in a soothing, comforting and private environment.

Brush Carrera Dental Clinic

1F Matsui BL
1-17-22 Shinkawa,
Tel: 090-1766-7890 (English)

Wed & Fri 12pm – 6pm
Thu 12pm – 8pm
Sat 10am – 3pm (surgery from 3pm and Sundays)
Closed Mon
Tues – Special consultations only