Sustainable Sushi

by Casson Trenor (North Atlantic Books, 2009, 128pp, ¥1,600)

801-DS-Sustainable-sushiThis is an interesting read for anyone concerned with sustainability and seafood. Trenor’s passion for the topic is evident in the vast amount of research he presents. Unfortunately, some of the kanji for fish types are incorrect and some of the photos don’t match the seafood under discussion. If you can overlook these quibbles, Sustainable Sushi is packed with information about fish origins, mercury levels, PCBs, fishing methods, the “farmed vs. wild” issue and more. Fish are designated with colors according to how endangered they are: green (enjoy), yellow (use caution) or red (avoid). Keep in mind that this book is targeted to readers in North America, so sourcing for seafood in Japan is naturally different.