One of the many small joys of living in Tokyo is you never know what you’ll find around the corner. Take Meguro-ku for example. It’s one of the most iconic wards in Tokyo, where you can stumble across everything from some of the world’s most famous cherry blossoms to a Ferrari Testarossa all within the space of a block. 

Elusive Autos Metropolis Japan

It’s a fitting home for Elusive Autos, then. Since its inception, it has established itself as a Tokyo benchmark for procuring luxury vehicles without regard for rarity. Starting from this year, it has expanded its capabilities to truly become a one-stop automotive shop. 

Whether you’re looking for an oil change for your Honda Odyssey or a frame-up restoration for your Skyline GT-R, Elusive Autos can help. Plus, you get the added benefit of drooling in their showroom. 

If drooling isn’t your thing, that’s fine too, because Elusive Autos provides door-to-door automotive solutions. Give their bilingual staff a call and they will pick up your car from your home and have it back to you as soon as the repair work or maintenance is done. You won’t even have to step outside.

Elusive Autos can handle all the steps necessary for registration, insurance, auctions, and shaken (vehicle inspection). If there’s a car you want to import or export, they will get all the paperwork swiftly sorted for you, so you don’t have to think about anything but where to take your new wheels for a drive. 

Luxury driving isn’t about jamming more comfort into a car, it’s about removing distractions between you and your goals. That’s exactly what Elusive Autos does. Sitting on a metal stool in a waiting room of an oil-stained garage lined with out-of-print magazines is nobody’s idea of a fun Saturday afternoon. Spend that time on a mountain road with the wind in your hair and let Elusive Autos handle the rest. 

Elusive Autos
3-79 Gohongi, Meguro-ku
Monday – Friday 11am – 7pm