GEIDANKYO, Kabuki Music[Special Promotion] Every great drama has its own soundtrack. Alongside the exaggerated actions of kabuki theater, the traditional music of nagauta (“long song”) sets the tempo and rhythm for the rises and falls, build-ups and climaxes for the heroes and villains on stage.

GEIDANKYO (the Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations) is hosting four sessions of an immersive kabuki music learning experience. In addition to a professional performance, leading kabuki musicians Kineya Katsujiro and Tosha Suiho will demonstrate and teach shamisen and kotsuzumi playing.

The shamisen is one of the most iconic Japanese traditional instruments, played by geisha and used in kabuki and bunraku theaters. With its long-stemmed neck and three strings, it produces an elegant and distinct sound. Players use a bachi to both pick and strum, as well as to beat the body of the shamisen for percussion.
The kotsuzumi is a small hourglass-shaped drum dating back to the 14th century. Players hold the drum, adjusting the cords strung along the sides of the drum to adjust the pitch of their playing. The body is decorated with gold lacquer, making it even more beautiful.

The Kabuki Music Experience includes a drink of sake, calligraphy souvenirs, and the option to dress in yukata to contribute to the atmosphere. In addition to practicing with the instruments, participants will play in an ensemble with the artists.

GEIDANKYO, Kabuki Music


Event name: Try Kabuki Music
Event date: Feb 23 and Mar 11.
Morning option: 10:30am-12:30pm
Evening option: 6pm-8pm
Participants who choose the yukata option should arrive half an hour earlier.

Feb 23 Naruko Tenjinsha Shrine
Mar 11 Geino-kadensha

Price: ¥6,000 or ¥8,000 for yukata option (tax included)
Capacity: Around 20 people per  class (foreign visitors especially welcome)
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