[Sponsored] Tokyo’s temperature has made the welcome turn to autumn, and the city’s population is reinvigorated and out en masse, enjoying the wonderful weather. Likewise, the chefs of the various top-class establishments at the landmark Grand Hyatt Tokyo have responded by offering an abundance of enticing new menu options to welcome fall — from creepy Halloween cocktails to dishes representing the bounty of the harvest season. Now that we find ourselves once again wanting to actually go out to eat, let’s take a look at the best of the hotel’s autumn specials.

Halloween dessert buffet at The French Kitchen

Halloween has certainly gained traction in Japan, and The French Kitchen is getting in on the fun with a Halloween-inspired dessert buffet on the afternoon menu. Spooky highlights include “finger cookies” and “eyeball jelly,” as well as a collection of pumpkin-flavored goodies. Whether it’s for your children or just your inner child, there’s plenty here to delight the sweet tooth of the most ardent Halloween lover.

Halloween cocktails at The Oak Door Bar


Already one of the best international bars in Tokyo, The Oak Door Bar gets in the Halloween spirit (or spirits) by crafting some creepy cocktails on weekends leading up to Halloween. Among the special potions on offer are “Dark Magic,” a unique, black cocktail made with Fernet-Branca, a brand of bitter herbal liqueur from Italy, and the punch bowl-style “Punchkin,” made with vodka and pumpkin pureé, and served in a carved out pumpkin. Lychee “eyeball” garnishes, dry ice, and shots served in skull-shaped shot glasses round out the hauntingly fun theme.

Oden-inspired French casserole at The French Kitchen

Cooler weather means the return of beloved Japanese comfort food oden. The French Kitchen will be serving the traditional French dish pot-au-feu with an oden twist. Made with easy-to-eat skewered meats and vegetables cooked in a seasoned beef broth combined with a Japanese bonito dashi, the dish can be served with a topping of fragrant shaved truffles for an additional charge.

Fall Burgers at The Oak Door

The Oak Door is kind of a big deal when it comes to burgers. For fall, they’ll be featuring a new burger each month. In October it’s the pumpkin burger, with buns made with pumpkin purée and baked in the shape of a pumpkin, topped with smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and ravigote sauce, and served with a side of purple sweet potato fries and pumpkin spiced aioli. For November, the fall-inspired harvest burger will feature the best of the season’s bounty, including grilled mushrooms, apples, honey-baked ham and Monterey Jack cheese, served between fragrant sage buns. But the star of the show is undoubtedly the extravagant golden burger in December. Made with golden buns, foie gras, black truffles, and wagyu tenderloin all on top of a beef patty, the ¥20,000 burger is served with a side of French fries that are fried in duck fat to add even more flavor and crispiness.

Ishigaki wagyu and truffle calzone at Fiorentina

2017_Autumn_Fio_Beef_calzone_ WEB

Fall also means truffle season, and the modern Italian café Fiorentina is celebrating by marrying truffles with wagyu in a calzone. It’s typically considered take-out food in Italy, but Fiorentina is giving the calzone its moment in the gourmet spotlight. Rich, earthy fall truffles and tender cuts of Ishigaki wagyu beef from Okinawa are further complimented by a gorgonzola sauce and fall ingredients including sweet potatoes, chestnuts and figs.