Supporting Japan’s Marginalized Youth

Supporting Japan’s Marginalized Youth

Win ¥100,000 at the Jarman International Virtual Charity Golf Cup


An issue rarely brought to light in Japan is the difficulties orphaned youths face day-to-day, and the many hurdles they must traverse in the future. Looking to help make a change, Ruth Marie Jarman, CEO of Jarman International KK, has organized a virtual golf fundraising event in partnership with the EastWood Country Club, 

Mirai no Mori creates supportive learning experiences for children through outdoor programs, which immerses them in new environments and ideas, and introduces them to people who can support their growth and prepare them for a successful future.

The year-round, monthly fundraising event, Jarman International Virtual Charity Golf Cup, is a tournament-based event in which the winner will receive a trophy and a cash prize of ¥100,000. To participate all that is needed is to play a round of 18 holes at the EastWood Country Club during the month. A portion of the country club fee of ¥7,500 (¥13,900 on Sundays and ¥14,900 on Saturdays and holidays) will also go to Mirai no Mori. Once your round of golf is complete, submit your scorecard to Jarman International KK at, who will calculate your score. The winner will be revealed at the beginning of the following month. 

The fundraiser is currently held exclusively at the EastWood Country Club, one of Tochigi’s finest golf courses, where you can enjoy the picturesque views of the prefecture’s mountainous landscape.

Jarman chose the Mirai no Mori charity due to their influential aim to give all youths equal opportunities and hopes to open up the same fundraiser to other golf courses across Japan to not only help support Mirai no Mori further, but to  also support other national charities.

When not helping to fundraise for charities, Jarman International KK focuses on connecting foreign residents of Japan with local Japanese companies, which can be reflected in their company tagline: “connecting international curiosity with Japanese content.”

If golfing isn’t for you, but you would still like to support the cause, you can also help by donating to Mirai no Mori directly via their website.