New Commemorative Dinner at Hyatt Centric Ginza’s NAMIKI667

New Commemorative Dinner at Hyatt Centric Ginza’s NAMIKI667

Six is the magic number


Located on the fashionable Namiki-dori in dynamic Ginza, Hyatt Centric Ginza’s cutting edge dining outlet NAMIKI667 will be celebrating the appointment of its new Chef de Cuisine Toru Hirakawa through the release of its new limited time commemorative dinner, Toru’s Invitation, until October 31. 

Savory miso madeleine
Savory miso madeleine

The Hokkaido-born Hirakawa began his career at the E’cole Tsuji Tokyo, moving first to Kiyomi Mikuni’s restaurant in Hotel Nikko Sapporo, before coming to Tokyo in 2008, eventually becoming the sous chef at NAMIKI667 in December 2017. A middle career swan song of sorts, Toru’s Invitation showcases the warmth of the chef’s genuine hospitality, his pinpoint technique, as well as his holistic approach to cooking and pairing wine and sake with each dish. Reflecting on what makes NAMIKI667 so essential to the execution of his craft and what relationship each dish has with the customer, Hirakawa says, “I feel that our open kitchen at NAMIKI667 comes alive with the energy of our kitchen team and the guests that visit us. With our unique cooking style born in Ginza and the fresh ingredients we use, I hope to create that one memorable dish that will resonate with guests at the table.”

Edo-Tamagawaya's mansaku sōmen
Edo-Tamagawaya’s mansaku sōmen

The “number 6” inspired menu begins with an amuse bouche of Tokyo’s Edo-Tamagawaya’s mansaku sōmen (wheat noodles) and a savory miso madeleine. The smoked salmon confit then plays with both the eye and tongue, as guests may first enjoy the flavor of the salmon in seawater jelly, and then with a yuzu and beet sauce accompanied by a blend of cumin and nuts. Following the conger eel beignet is the main entrée of succulent New Zealand lamb and Roquefort cheese potato gnocchi. To finish is a dessert of chestnut Mont Blanc and refreshingly tart ice cream, served with a dollop of salt-infused cream, cassis jam and pear compote.

New Zealand lamb and Roquefort cheese potato gnocchi
New Zealand lamb and Roquefort cheese potato gnocchi

Selected by the sommeliers of NAMIKI667, Géraard Bertrand’s 6ѐme Sens red and white wines accent the flavors of the salmon confit and grilled lamb, while the smooth clarity of Aramasa Sake Brewery’s No.6 series contrasts against the conger eel nicely. At the heart of Toru’s Invitation is a new “number 6” experience which ties the globe-trotting menu firmly to its Ginza 6-chome roots.

“Toru’s Invitation” Course Details:

Drinks: Four glasses of sparkling wine, wine, and sake paired with each dish
Non-alcoholic mocktail pairing also available

・Amuse (Tokyo sōmen noodles, madeleine)
Paired with Espace of Limari Brut
・Sustainable smoked salmon confit
Tokyo sea salt, beet, yuzu, salmon roe
Paired with Gérard Bertrand 6ème Sens Blanc

・Crispy conger eel beignet
French mussels, leek, cauliflower
Paired with Aramasa Sake Brewery No. 6 series sake

・Grilled New Zealand lamb rack
Roquefort cheese potato gnocchi, endive, garlic puree, lamb jus
Paired with Gérard Bertrand 6ѐme Sens Rouge

・Mont Blanc
Tokyo milk ice cream, pear compote, Tokyo rum foam

・Petit fours, coffee or tea

Price: ¥10,000 inclusive of service charge and consumption tax
Until Oct 31