It’s What’s Outside That Counts


Originally published on on October 2009

Courtesy of Setocraft

Courtesy of Setocraft

Sometimes futurism can just seem so passé. If you find yourself longing for the old-school elegance of analog without having to give up the functionality and economy of digital, you’ll find a lot to like about Setocraft’s Motif Digital Camera Case, which lets you tote your teeny point-and-shoot in a pouch that looks like a vintage rangefinder. Made out of squidgy material, the case will protect your camera from getting any nasty scratches on it when you’re out and about, and can be worn off the shoulder from a swinging ’60s strap or hung from the hip, noughties style. Available in classic black-and-silver or faux leather and silver to suit your retro style.

Setocraft Motif Digital Camera Case, ¥1,470. Available from branches of Loft and Tokyo Hands.