Nurture nature 

A Kickstarter project in January 2016 garnered attention worldwide for Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden — it was even featured in TIME magazine. Quite rightly too. This wonderful series of handmade Japanese products perfectly captures the cross between art and nature.

air bonsai kickstarter Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden

Hoshinchu wants its customers to nurture and treasure the Air Bonsai as a symbol of what we can do to protect the planet. Each part of this beautifully crafted product, lovingly handmade, encourages us all to take the time and energy to nurture nature.

Each Air Bonsai features a levitation device powered by a built-in magnet known as the “energy base,” which is made of porcelain and crafted by a different artisan for each product in the series, varying in color and material.  Also included is “little star” moss, which is produced in Yamagata Prefecture.

Air Bonsai is sold in 15 countries and may take up to about three months from purchase to delivery, which is understandable given the care and time gone into hand making each bonsai plant, but it’s worth the wait. When delivered, you’ll receive the product wrapped in a traditional cloth and wooden box known as a kiri, which is often used to send special gifts.

This is one Kickstarter campaign that has grown in more ways than one, and those purchasing their own Air Bonsai will no doubt be utterly delighted.

Pencil Plants

Have you ever got down to the tiny stub of your pencil and felt a pang of something close to guilt when throwing it away? You could do what some pencil collectors do and stick them in a glass jar, or you could just buy these eco-friendly ones that turn into a plant.

sprout pencil plant your pencil tech design july

Sprout has expanded to focus on the business market, selling pencils as promotional gifts or to use at seminars, conferences and team-building events — a good alternative to plastic pens and a great way for companies to build on their eco-credentials which could inspire attendees to make small changes in their daily lives.

sprout pencil plant your pencil tech design july

The pencils and packaging can also be customised with a logo or message engraved on the side of the pencil. What better way to spread the message on the importance of sustainability than through the world of stationery? It’s a simple and fun concept that delivers a strong message.