Kahlúa Matcha

Kahlúa Matcha

The coffee-flavored liqueur tea up


Rich in antioxidants and catechins, green tea—or matcha—boasts an endless amount of health benefits that render it a favorite both in Japan and overseas. But that might not be exactly true for Kahlúa’s fusion of its traditionally coffee-flavored sugar-based liqueur with the green stuff—but it does give cocktails a brand new kick.

The Kahlúa Matcha hits shelves throughout Japan, offering those a sweet, earthy take on the creamy spirit.

Just in time for hanami season, the liqueur boasts a 20-percent alcohol level and adds a green tea kick to all your favorite milk-based cocktails or spiked-up desserts. Green Tea Mudslide or B52, anybody? Green Russian?

Available Mar 1 at liquor stores and supermarkets nationwide. ¥780 (200ml)-¥1,480 (700ml).