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(Japanese follows)  The barbecue outing is one of the few summer rituals that relieve Tokyoites of summertime blues and general exhaustion, yet outdoor grills are rather rare in the city center. Metropolis, however, knows the perfect spot and we would like to invite all our readers, friends and clients to join us as we celebrate the summer with a rooftop beer garden and barbecue party Friday, July 26. Entry is free and ¥500 drinks are available* plus a chance to meet the Metropolis team and dance and drink the night away in style.

PLUSTOKYO is Tokyo’s only rooftop DJ lounge, offering great music on two levels, with various curated spaces to satisfy all styles of fun. In addition to hosting the expansive rooftop with views of both Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower, the space hosts an art exhibit that is sure to catch your eyes and perhaps even warrant a perusal. The BBQ guarantees delight, with the very reasonable barbecue meal deal including beef, pork and chicken as well as the additional beer cooler delivered right to your table.

Special appearance by resident Metropolis DJ Dwayne Wayne!

This promises to be an evening that excites all of your senses, with great food, music and art spent in the best of company amongst Tokyo’s very own international community. We hope to see you there. 

Make sure to mention Metropolis at the door for FREE entrance. 

Metropolis x PLUSTOKYO
Friday, July 26 2019
7pm – 10pm
Free entry (if you mention Metropolis at the door)

500 yen drink menu
*Regular prices apply in other areas of PLUSTOKYO

12F/RF KIRARITO GINZA, 1-8-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Metropolis is also pleased to announce that we will be holding a raffle with incredible prizes from our sponsors.
For a chance to win, follow us on Instagram and post a photo from the party with the hashtag #metropolisplus.
adidas – 1 x men’s backpack and 1 x women’s Boston bag
Apollo – 1 x ¥10,000 meal voucher
Bistro Vino – 2 x Bistro Vino weekend brunch with all-you-can-drink sparkling wine vouchers
Club 360 – 5 x Free Class training session vouchers
Criomed Japan – 2 x Cryosauna health treatments and 1 x Criomed Cryofan session
Elana Jade Organic Beauty Salon – 1 x 60-min oil massage, 1 x Shellac pedicure, 1 x Shellac Manicure, 1 x conditioning facial
MetroPrint – 1 x set of custom designed personal name cards
Pullman Tokyo Tamachi – 1 x night’s stay for 2 in an Executive Deluxe room including breakfast
Septieme – 1 x dinner course for 2 with a glass of champagne to start
Weber-Stephen – 1 x Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill
Weber-Stephen – 1 x Smokey Joe Premium Grill
Weber Park – 5 x (free deluxe menu for 2)
Weber Park – 5 x (free deluxe menu when you book for more than 3)

メトロポリスの専属DJ、Dwayne Wayneが特別出演!




東京都中央区銀座1-8-19キラリトギンザ 12F/RF



adidas –男性用のバッグ と 1 x 女性用のボストンバッグ 各1名様
Apollo –食事券1万円分 1名様
Bistro Vino –ビストロビノの週末ブランチ、スパークリングワイン飲み放題 1名様
Club 360 –無料のトレーニング券 5名様
Criomed Japan –クライオサウナ健康療法(冷却サウナ)券 2名様 / クライオファンセッション 1名様
Elana Jade Organic Beauty Salon–4名様 – アロマセラピーマッサージ 60分券、シェラックフット券、シェラックハンド券、コンディショニングフェイシャル券
MetroPrint –カスタム名刺セット 1名様
Pullman Tokyo Tamachi –豪華なお部屋での宿泊券(朝食付) 2名様
Septieme –ディナーコース2名様分 乾杯用シャンパン付き 1組様
Weber-Stephen –スモーキー・ジョー チャコールグリル 1名様
Weber-Stephen – スモーキー・ジョー プレミアムグリル 1名様
Weber Park – 二人用無料 デルクスメニュー 5名様
Weber Park – 三人用無料 デルクスメニュー 5名様