Since the opening of PLUSTOKYO in Ginza at the end of 2018, the upscale business district has become the unlikely location of Tokyo’s most entertaining lounge club. The two-storey establishment, entered exclusively through private elevators along the side of Kirarito Ginza, boasts views of both Tokyo Tower and Skytree from the only rooftop club that stays open throughout the night in Tokyo. Yet there is more to this venue, and any time spent in the multi-faceted space feels a little bit like you’re playing with a luxurious matryoshka doll set, the unveiling of one delightful room always bringing about the discovery of another.

Upon payment of the entrance fee (price varying on nights), visitors are greeted with an exhibition hall which hosts a small collection of art at a high turnover rate. Walk past and you will undoubtedly encounter the impressive 30-meter bar which frames a magnificent view (afforded by the floor-to-ceiling glass windows). This is an ideal starting point for your evening, from which you can become better acquainted with the multi-functioning main lobby. During the day, plush leather chairs entice you to sit back and appreciate the mural of Mount Fuji by famed mural painter of Japanese bath houses, Morio Nakajima. The mood shifts when the sun goes down, the lobby transforming into an open dance space that has hosted top DJs including Steve Aoki.
plustokyo1Past the main lobby there are more bars, each a treasure to be discovered as you circumnavigate the first floor. POPBAR hints at temporality aptly, as it serves cocktails and liquors in a frequently updated menu, maintaining a large selection of limited edition drinks from different companies. Mixology Spirits Bang(k) serves Japanese spirits only in cocktails designed by the bar’s resident mixologists. For straight drinkers, you’ll find you can keep your bottle on hold for your next visit to Mixology Spirits Bang(k), a service that highlights the luxury of PLUSTOKYO. VIP guests also have the luxury of using the Pink Room, just off the main lobby, to take a break in.

The rooftop is a vast expanse of comfortable seating and open spaces. With its own DJ booth set up, you can be assured that the music here is finely attuned to the mood of its visitors, ready to work the crowd from a very laid back beat to a house and techno frenzy later in the night. But the space isn’t reserved for late-night parties — it’s just as enjoyable in the day. Indeed, as summer comes around, another matryoshka doll awaits: the rooftop barbecue.

Barbecue is a universal summer delight and a time-honored pastime in Japan. As such, PLUSTOKYO is introducing a self-service barbecue set menu that would make meat lovers and grilling fans drool. For ¥3,000 (per person), you get over 300 grams of meat — spiced chicken, US beef rib loin and Japanese pork shoulder loin. Additionally the order comes with vegetables, French fries and other treats. With parasols for the midday sun and fans that temper the summer heat, there isn’t a downside to this offer.

If you’re not feeling up to the task of 300 grams of meat, you can enjoy the company of your grilling friends and dine on the cafe menu, which has a versatile selection that reflects the diversity PLUSTOKYO welcomes. Whether you’re looking for burgers, sushi or just simple finger foods, the kitchen will serve consistent, delicious and top quality dishes. The rooftop bar will keep you replenished and buzzing, but for the especially thirsty the wagon set (¥2,000) brings you whisky and a variety of mixers on, yes, a wagon of ice. PLUSTOKYO truly is ready to provide for all of your desires.

There is something to be said about this venue’s rare lack of spatial limitations. Most restaurants, clubs and bars in Tokyo don’t have so much space, and for lack of room to play, commit themselves to one setting — standing bar, live music lounge, dance club. The victim to this commitment is that space which is neither here nor there; the bar with comfortable seating and still enough space to get up and dance, the restaurant which easily transforms into the best dancing night on the weekend. If you have ever wanted this flexibility and didn’t know where to look, search no more. PLUSTOKYO is open and waiting.

12F/RF Kirarito Ginza
1-8-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku

Sun & Hol 12pm – 12am
Tue – Thu 
12pm – 1am
Fri – Sat 
12pm – 3am

03 3563 3776