Devastating desktop creepshow

Horror is not my favorite. I don’t dislike the genre per se; I like being scared as much as the next critic. But I have little time for lazy filmmakers who think it’s all about jump scares, violence and gore. No, a true horror flick will get inside you and have you looking over your shoulder. 

So it’s always a pleasure when something like this unpretentious, effective little gem comes along. Just for laughs, a group of young friends in lockdown (could be our first COVID movie) hire a medium to conduct an online séance for their weekly Zoom chat. Well, of course things get out of hand when they don’t take it seriously and let in an evil presence from the Other Side.

I won’t tell you more, but this one packs a lot of delightfully creepy innovation and unimagined surprises into its spare 57-minute run time.  Moreover, it takes place entirely within a Zoom call. So while I often recommend, “big screen, please,” not this time. Watch it on your computer. Real close. (57 min)

Now available to rent or buy through Amazon Prime Video or iTunes Store.