Silent Night

Empty apocalyptic box

Silent Night Trailer

A British couple (Keira Knightley & Matthew Goode) host a Christmas gathering for their (fairly stereotypical) family and friends at their cozy country home, after which, we eventually learn, everyone is going to die.

I found director Camille Griffin’s tonally inconsistent feature debut to be impossibly stagey, endlessly talky but with little to say. Though it’s billed as a dark, doomsday comedy, it’s not remotely funny, and none of the characters are particularly compelling. 

Worse, she has cast her annoying young son in a major part. Roman Griffin Davis got some good press for his performance in Jojo Rabbit. But the young actor seems to have not yet learned the difference between big acting and good acting.

Existential, apocalyptic films can be fascinating (see Lars von Trier’s Melancholia). This is not one of them.

Streaming on Amazon Prime now. (92 min)

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